Left Handed Banjo

Left Handed BanjoBanjo players are a rare breed.  Left Handed Banjo players are absolute freaks of nature.  Luckily you don’t have to search all corners of the Earth to find the gear you need to play lefty.  Shop our online store which specializes in left handed banjos.left-handed-banjo
Many people are under the false impression that there is no such thing as a left handed banjo. While traditional 4 string banjos can be easily converted to accommodate lefty players this is not an option for 5 string banjos. The strings on a 4 string banjo can be reversed without jeopardizing the acoustics. 5 string models have a very short G string which ends at the 5th fret. There is no way to reverse it so left handed banjo players have a difficult time finding suitable models. Luckily LeftHandedBanjo.com has you covered.


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